Food Manufacturing School 2020

Free ten-week food manufacturing school! In this hands-on training series, we’ll cover product regulation, sales, logistics, HR, marketing, and branding. The class culminates in a pitching session featuring local stores and distributors. You’ll also have one-on-one time with industry leading experts, and receive an individualized session in the on-site kitchen to review the most efficient preparation processes for your product. The Food Manufacturing School is a competitive program, and an application does not guarantee participation. Applications are due by March 8th, 2020.

Classes will be held Thursday evenings April 2nd through June 4th, 2020.    


Day 1) Regulatory and Safety
    FDA and local food regulations will affect your business as it grows; learn how to maintain food safety and regulatory compliance in your facility.

Day 2) Marketing 
    What sets your product and brand apart in the marketplace? Learn how develop a
strong brand and successful marketing campaigns. 

Day 3) Omni Channel Sales
    Are you wholesaling, selling through online platforms, from your website, direct to customers? Learn how to develop an efficient sales strategy to make sure your product is where your customers are.

Day 4) Supply Chain
    Where are your ingredients coming from? How are your products getting to your customers Can your logistics and vendors scale with your business?

Day 5) Human Resources 
    Your growing company will need a growing number of people to keep it going. How will you find and maintain that workforce?


Day 6) Financial
    You can do everything else right, but if you aren’t making money, you’re in big trouble. Learn how to keep track of your profits and expenses, and maintain a profit as you grow.

Day 7) Next Steps for Marketing & Sales
    You’ve developed a rockstar brand, you’re making sales, how will maintain that success? What steps can you take to keep sales flowing?

Day 8) Legal
    There are many legal considerations for your food business from liability, to intellectual property, to employees. Stay ahead of any potential issues you may encounter.

Day 9) Processing Efficiency 
    Your profitability is affected by how many units you can produce and how fast you can produce them. Learn how to make more in less time. 

Day 10) Showcase
    Now you’re ready for some big orders! Connect with store managers and other local food product procurement managers.  

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Food Manufacturing School is presented by:


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Food Manufacturing School is made possible by a generous grant from the Mariam Kauffman Foundation


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