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"In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later."

Harold Geneen

Growing a business, regardless of its type, often requires common links. The Ennovation Center's business incubator offers specialized and personalized services to our clients at no extra cost. Our business incubator creates an environment that is more than just providing the right real estate. It's about building a supportive system that grows with your business. As an entrepreneur, your primary focus is on your product, finding customers, and getting the job done. At the Ennovation Center, we serve as a connection point, and once you arrive, your support network is already expanding. 


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"A half-baked idea is okay as long as it's in the oven. "

Author Unknown

Starting and growing a business can be intimidating. We strive to make it easy and understandable.     

To become a client of the Ennovation Center is to make a low risk commitment towards growing your business. Our experts will guide you through the process of developing a company, registering it with the appropriate state and local entities, obtaining the necessary licensure, and creating a plan for growth.

We invite you to visit our space and experience the benefits of our environment and services. To schedule an Ennovation Tour, please email us at Our clients come from all over the metro-region to take advantage of what we offer.

You can also contact us by filling out our contact form to initiate your support system. We'll provide you with additional information about our commercial kitchen and business technologies, along with an application and brief checklist to complete before becoming a client.

The Ennovation Center application serves as a tool to help you identify areas of work and allows us to better understand where you are in your business development. We'll also provide you with an up-to-date checklist to help you set up and start your business while clarifying state, federal, and local regulations for professional business conduct.


Whether you're starting a new business or developing an existing one, the Ennovation Center is looking for entrepreneurs with passion, products, and the fortitude to succeed in the business world. Let's work together to get started!



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