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Discover the exciting world of food-based businesses at the Ennovation Center and explore our client services by scheduling a tour at Let us know two dates and times that work for you, and we'll be happy to show you around.


You can also learn about shared commercial kitchens in Missouri by visiting


We can't wait to hear about your food business or idea!


The Ennovation Center's shared commercial kitchen is a health-certified facility available 24/7 to food-based businesses looking to produce and sell products in Missouri and beyond.


With six kitchen spaces, including one gluten-free kitchen and four standard kitchens, clients have access to a wide range of equipment such as griddles, grills, soup kettles, tilt skillets, smoker, and other food manufacturing equipment, as well as dry storage, coolers, freezers, and a dock area for large deliveries. The kitchen also features commercial-grade mixers, food processors, ranges, and ovens to help clients get their businesses off the ground.


Additionally, there is a shared kitchen area and meeting rooms where clients can meet potential vendors/buyers, print labels, and conduct business.

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